Safe use of torrents and P2P - overview of the best VPN

Safe use of torrents and P2P - overview of the best VPN

The term "torrents" was probably met by every Internet user. The popularity of this form of file sharing systematically decreases, but still a certain percentage of Internet users use this method of acquiring content. This is a topic that still raises big emotions. In this article we will try to explain the topic of torrents and explain what their current legal situation in your country is. We will also show you how to use your VPN to protect your privacy and safely use P2P.

We do not approve of piracy and believe that in the era of American Netflix , Spotify, iTunes, Steam and other popular digital music distribution platforms, movies, series and software this phenomenon will increasingly disappear. But sometimes, even with the best willingness to buy a particular material, we do not have the opportunity - it could be withdrawn from sale, its further distribution is not conducted or it has been censored in our country and not allowed to distribute. The reasons for reaching P2P networks can be many.

One of the most effective ways to securely use torrents and P2P is to connect to the Internet through a VPN. In the next part of the text we will describe the following torrent vpn providers , which in our opinion provide the best service for P2P interested:

  1. NordVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. VPNArea
  4. Private Internet Access

What are the realities of torrents?

The term "torrents" comes from the name of the protocol used to send files to Peer-to-Peer - BitTorrent. This is a protocol in which a link is shared among all people who are currently downloading a particular file. Through it, data is collected in small fragments, which are then further shared with other users. So to put it simply - if we download something using the BitTorrent protocol, we automatically share with others already downloaded snippets. We are becoming the server from which content is downloaded.

From the point of view of digital distribution, this is a great advantage as it significantly reduces the server and its network link. The operation of this mechanism is based on downloading the .torrent file, which contains information about the content we are interested in, the address of the tracker, and the ability to verify the data. A tracker is a special server that collects and shares information about other users who download and share content that is interesting to us.

BitTorrent is not used by pirates only. It has become a common way of distributing software on free licenses. In addition, many updates to systems (such as Microsoft) and installers of programs or games are based on P2P. This is particularly useful during high-profile premieres such as popular computer games, when one day everyone rushes to download the expected title. With the use of BitTorrent protocol, links and servers are able to withstand a very heavy load. Unfortunately, the popularity of this protocol among the people breaking copyright law has made P2P cling to a patchy patch.

P2P and torrents and free law

Considering the legal aspects of the legitimacy of torrents in your country we have to distinguish two situations:

  1. downloading of computer programs
  2. download ebooks, music, movies and serials

Because they are completely separate laws and regulations.

1. Downloading computer programs

Art. 278 of the Criminal Code:

Art. 278 of the CK

§ 1. Whoever removes in order to misappropriate a movable person is subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty from 3 months to 5 years .

§ 2. The same penalty is imposed, who, without the consent of the authorized person, receives another computer program in order to obtain a financial benefit .

Already entering the computer program without purchasing it, having the appropriate license or consent of the manufacturer can put us in trouble. Downloading, sharing and possession is illegal.

2. Good culture - ebooks, music, movies and series

These contents and their legality are governed by Article 116, paragraph 1 of the Copyright and Related Rights Act , which states:

Anyone who, without the right or contrary to his or her condition, distributes the work of another person in the original version or in the form of a work, artistic performance, phonogram, videogram or broadcast, is subject to a fine, penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment of up to 2 years .

According to this provision, downloading "works" from the Internet is not a crime, as it is within the limits of " authorized personal use ". Therefore, downloading content from websites or streaming does not violate free copyright law. It is only by making music or movies available that we break the law and commit a crime. As we mentioned earlier, the operation of P2P and torrent networks is based on simultaneous downloading and sharing. By using them, we automatically violate the rules, because we become the "server" from which the content is downloaded and we can be held accountable.

This also applies to popular streaming services (such as Popcorn Time ), which are based on the BitTorrent protocol. By using them, we can be in trouble because we can share it with others by playing a movie or a series. Sites with torrents and their search engines most often do not inform.

How to safely use torrents and P2P?

You often hear about police who take computers to people suspected of having illegal content on the network. Recently, the media has circulated information about law firms that send letters to alleged copyright infringement (copyright trolling).

Law firms and specialized companies acting on behalf of content creators can easily find people using torrents. This is done to monitor P2P networks for specific content and then identify the IP addresses and connection times of the users who participate in their exchanges. Then, in cooperation with the police and the Internet provider (who must provide data if the appropriate authorities ask), the identity of the infringing internet user is determined.

This can be remedied using a VPN. How it works and what this service is about can be read here . At a glance, VPN lets you hide our real IP address and encrypt all communications - no one knows what we are doing on the Internet and will not be able to monitor our activity.

Which VPN for torrents is best?

As we already know that VPNs can be effectively protected by the negative consequences of using P2P, it's time to move on to the market. Companies offering VPNs are in the market really a lot. Not all of them allow P2P. For the following list of the best VPNs for torrents we have qualified services that meet the following requirements:

  • absolutely no logs
  • OpenVPN protocol
  • the ability to use P2P networks
  • built-in emergency stop application - killswitch

1. NordVPN - from $ 3.29 per month

NordVPN is the highest rated service in our VPN ranking , so it's no surprise that it was also ranked first in terms of VPNs for torrents. This Panama-based provider has dedicated P2P servers that we can connect to if we want to use P2P. In addition, there are no logs, servers in 55 countries, dual VPN, Smart Play for streaming (eg, Netflix), Bitcoin payments, and much more.

Currently, with the purchase of NordVPN for two years, we will pay for the service $ 79, which will give $ 3.29 per month. Monthly, semi-annual and annual plans are also available. If we are unhappy with the service, we can use a 30 day refund period from the time of purchase.

The service can be purchased on the NordVPN website .

2. IPVanish - from $ 6.49 per month

IPVanish is one of the best VPNs that P2P users should be interested in. We receive a service with total logs, which can be used on 5 devices at the same time. IPVanish has servers in over 60 countries, offers SOCKS5 proxy addition and 24/7 support.

The price of the service starts at $ 6.5 per month for the annual plan. We also have a 7 day money back guarantee. It is also possible to pay with Bitcoin.

You can buy the service on the IPVanish website .

3. VPNArea - from $ 4.91 per month

VPNArea is based in Bulgaria. This European VPN provider now has servers in 68 countries with which we can connect at the same time with 6 devices. The connectivity applications we receive from VPNArea have built-in DNS and IP leak protection mechanisms. Like any other service described here, it does not store any logs about user activity.

Prices start at $ 4.91 when choosing an annual plan. A 7-day money-back guarantee is in place. It is possible to pay with Bitcoin.

You can buy the service from VPNArea .

4. Private Internet Access - from $ 3.33 per month

Just behind the podium is Private Internet Access , a VPN that is the best price against the competition. This is another great VPN for people who are looking for this type of service for torrents. The annual plan will pay $ 39.95 for $ 3.33 per month for the service. If we decide to make monthly payments, then we will pay the service for $ 6.95 , which is also possible with Bitcoin. We also have a 7-day money back guarantee. Within the account, we will have access to SOCKS5 proxy.

Cons - only 25 countries to choose from and no server in your country.

You can purchase the service from the Private Internet Access website .

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