What is Killswitch in VPN?

What is Killswitch in VPN?

VPN Killswitch (sometimes also referred to as Network Lock) in VPN automatically kills an Internet connection as soon as it detects that it has been interrupted or not enabled. This means that any communication between our device and the Internet will not be possible without a VPN. Killswitch monitors the status of the connection and if it detects a lost connection to the VPN, it will block the connection to the network.

Why use killswitch in VPN?

First of all, this feature serves to improve our security and privacy and is the last line of defense. Most VPN vendors have their own applications, so even without much technical knowledge, we can successfully use this type of security.

With killswitch turned on, we will not have to worry about the sudden loss of a VPN connection, and then our data transmission will cease to be encrypted and can be suspicious or overheard by unauthorized persons. This will not result in the leakage of our real IP address, which is protected and hidden during a VPN connection. Only re-connection with VPN will unlock and resume network traffic.

Types of solutions used

Range and mode of operation. Killswitch can be divided into two types

  • operating at the system level
  • at the application level

A system-level Killswitch cuts off access to the entire computer network, preventing all systems and all installed applications from connecting to the network. Only re-connection with the VPN will allow for proper communication with the network.

Application-level killswitch closes or blocks access to a particular application's network if a VPN connection is lost. Other programs will still work and communicate with the Internet, even if the connection to the VPN is interrupted.

When to use killswitch

Killswitch should be used when using VPN primarily to protect your privacy and increase data security. We are confident that even if you lose your VPN connection, unauthorized people will not have access to our network activity.

If we use VPN primarily to bypass regional block, then we do not have to worry too much about the VPN offering this functionality.

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