How to watch BBC iPlayer in your country?

How to watch BBC iPlayer in your country?

BBC is famous for its excellent film and television productions. This British public broadcaster can be a model for other state television as far as the quality of the material is concerned. In addition to accessing its offerings in a traditional way, the BBC also provides on its iPlayer site, through which you can view the current station offer over the Internet. However, this option is available only from the UK. With the help comes the VPN.

As most VODs are available in the world, BBC also imposes regional locking services, so access only to those with a UK IP address. If we want to watch something on iPlayer from your country or another country that is not in the United Kingdom, we will receive an error message. To avoid it we will have to make the BBC see us as a person connecting to the UK. One of the simpler ways to do this is to use a VPN. This will allow us to obtain an English IP address and fully use all VODs that are normally only available to UK residents.

We watch BBC iPlayer with VPN

BBC without VPN
BBC from VPN

VPN allows you to create a tunnel and connect to the Internet through servers located anywhere in the world. This allows you to obtain an IP address from a specific country without physically presenting it. In the linked article you will learn more about what VPN is and what the benefits of using it are. And now we will explain how to watch BBC using VPN.

To unlock iPlayer and BBC you will need a VPN with a UK IP address. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Server purchase in the UK and self- service VPN configuration .
  2. Buy a VPN service from one of the many vendors on the market that has a server in the UK.

The first option requires a great deal of technical expertise in the administration and configuration of network servers and services, and we do not recommend it to non-IT personnel. Therefore, we will focus on this article only in the second way, ie the VPN service from the provider.

By purchasing the ready-made service, the entire configuration will be the installation of the VPN program and the country you want to connect to. In addition, we will have access to other locations (eg USA , Germany , France , Canada, etc.) through which we will also be able to connect. The server in the UK is currently a standard and it is hard to find a VPN provider that would not offer it.

To view the BBC and other UK VODs in your country (and generally outside the UK) we offer the following VPN providers:

NordVPN is currently the best VPN provider on the market today. It's a VPN that is both great for circumventing regional locks and protecting your privacy. By purchasing the service we will have access to 55 countries through which we can connect. For NordVPN we pay $ 4 per month for a 2 year subscription, $ 5.75 per month for a year, and $ 11.95 for a monthly payment. Definitely the most used option is a two-year option.

The second VPN recommended, ExpressVPN offers access to 95 countries . In addition, we will receive a high speed and stable connection, but at a high price, because for this service we pay $ 8.33 a month for a full year or $ 12.95 if we decide to pay monthly.

Private Internet Access is one of the cheapest and fastest VPNs to protect your privacy. Connecting to a server in the UK, we do not really feel that we are using a VPN. For the service, we pay $ 3.33 per month for prepay or $ 6.95 for monthly payments.

Unfortunately, Private Internet Access has one major disadvantage : it only gives access to 25 countries (but has a huge 3251, a number of machines) and does not have a server in your country. So if we also want to use the free VOD, then we will have to disable the VPN at this time.

If we are not sure if we are satisfied with the service, we can test it for a longer period of time before buying a service for a period of one month. Each of the above mentioned suppliers also offers a refund if we are unhappy with the service. NordVPN and ExpressVPN offer 30 days, and Private Internet Access 7 days in which we can apply for a refund.

Once we select a specific VPN provider and billing period, we will pay for the service, download the app, and log in to it using the data we receive at the email address you provided.

Then we have to choose Great Britain as the country we want to connect to the Internet. In every application it looks different, but it is extremely simple and will not make any problems. And that's it. We have just got a UK IP and we can go to the BBC website and watch the iPlayer and all the current station offers from your country.

Sometimes it may happen that we come across an IP server that has been banned by the BBC. Then just connect again and you will be assigned another IP address.

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