How to watch ipla, TVN Player and TVP abroad?

How to watch ipla, TVN Player and TVP abroad?

Business trips, holidays or emigration. For various reasons, our lives are increasingly going beyond your country. Thanks to the dynamically developing technology, we can easily keep in contact with our closest relatives during the separation. Borders, states, and continents cease to be a barrier to the continuity of relationships and relationships. While free communication over the network is not a problem, access to the resources of free culture is already so. Here, the territorial boundaries of individual states also apply in the virtual world.

free television online abroad and regional block

It would seem that if you want to watch free TV online abroad - including a sports event, movie or series with native speaker or subtitles - we will not have much problems. Unfortunately, trying to use free VOD services while traveling abroad in most cases we will not succeed. We are seeing a message telling us that due to licensing restrictions, access to a movie or TV series is only possible in your country - using devices that have a free IP address. Services such as:

  • ipla (available on Polsat, Polsat Sport, Eurosport and the Eleven channel)
  • TVN Player
  • Player TVP VOD
  • TVP Sports
  • Onet VOD
  • HBO Go
  • Showmax
  • YouTube
  • WP Pilot
  • Netflix

They will not allow us to access their full online VOD offer while abroad. It does not matter whether it is a holiday, short trip, longer trip or emigration. The regional blockade will prevent us from seeing free shows, programs or films.

It is definitely not a pleasant thing for a person who wants to watch a football match, a favorite series or a movie from your country. It does not matter whether we want to use the paid VOD or free offer - regional blocks apply to all. The way to clear the error message is to either return to the country or ... get a free IP address , which we can easily do with a VPN . With this service, we will not only unlock videos and series via VOD such as ipla , TVN Player , TVP Player , Showmax, Onet and other popular websites in your country. We will also improve our security and privacy while on the Internet and bypass regional blocks imposed by other service providers such as American Netflix , Hulu or BBC iPlayer .

VPN can be best described as an encrypted tunnel through which our entire Internet connection goes. The tunnel connects our computer with a dedicated server, through which we are then linked to the content we are interested in. Such a server can be located in any country. More visually - if we live abroad and connect to VPN using a free server, we will get free IP, and all the services we use will "think" that we are connecting with your country. Thanks to that we will be able to watch free TV on the Internet in the USA, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland), Germany, France, Canada, Brazil and other countries where we live.

What VPN to free online TV abroad?

Since we know that to watch VOD and free TV online abroad you need to change the IP and preferably use it for VPN, then now we come to the point of answering the question - where to take VPN? The easiest way - buy a ready-made service from a specialized company that offers this service. Two factors will be crucial - server in your country (thanks to it free IP) and good data transfer speed (so that we can watch programs in good quality). This way all VOD services that we want to use abroad will treat us as a user connecting to the free territory and we will not receive a blockade message for geographical reasons.

A VPN that works fast and stable is a paid service that usually costs around $ 12 for monthly payments or $ 3-8 per month if we pay for a full year or two in advance.

To watch free series abroad (as well as movies, documentary and entertainment programs) on platforms such as ipla, TVN Player, TVP and Showmax and others we recommend you check out the following VPN providers. These are currently one of the most popular VPNs on the market, which we can use without any problems on your computer, tablet or phone. Apart from the free server we will also be able to use a number of other locations (such as USA, Germany, France, UK). We will be able to use them on your computer, tablet and phone.

NordVPN logo NordVPN

from $ 3.29 per month
Promotion -72%!

  • free server with free IP
  • access to free TV and VOD abroad
  • Servers in more than 55 other countries
  • use on 6 devices at the same time
  • very attractive price
  • 30 day money back guarantee

CyberghostVPN CyberghostVPN

from $ 2.90 per month

  • free server with free IP
  • access to free TV and VOD abroad
  • Servers in more than 30 other countries
  • use on 5 devices at the same time
  • Great price for a 2 year plan
  • 30 day money back guarantee

ExpressVPN logo ExpressVPN

from $ 8.33 a month

  • free server with free IP
  • access to free TV and VOD abroad
  • Servers in more than 95 other countries
  • use on 3 devices simultaneously
  • Very fast connection speed
  • 30 day money back guarantee

All of the above VPNs offer a 30-day money back guarantee . This means that within 30 days of purchase we will be refunded money if we are dissatisfied with it, or we believe that the VPN meets our expectations.

In addition to circumventing regional locks, the use of VPN has many other advantages:

  • We protect our privacy when using the Internet
  • We increase the security of data transmission and transmission (no one intercepts and does not catch our messages, passwords or web pages)
  • Our connection to the network is encrypted, so we can safely use, for example, open WiFi
  • We may access content censored and blocked in your country by your internet provider or government

Material not available. The material is available in your country

"Material available in your country" - ipla message

Sorry. Due to licensing restrictions, material is not available in the country you are connecting to.

"Due to licensing restrictions, material is not available in the country you are connecting to." - VOD TVP message

Sorry, due to licensing restrictions we can not display this video in your country. This movie is currently only available in your country

"Sorry, due to licensing restrictions, we can not view this video in your country." This video is currently available only in your country. "- TVN Player

This video contains content from a partner who has blocked it in your country under copyright

"This video contains content from a partner who has blocked it in your country under copyright" - YouTube message

Watching free TV Online and VOD abroad step by step

Below is a step-by-step list of steps you need to take to view free VOD services such as ipla, TVN Player and TVP Player abroad via VPN:

  • Set up an account and pay for the service at our chosen VPN provider (we recommend NordVPN and ExpressVPN for video streaming). We can pay by PayPal, PayPal and several other payment methods.
  • Download the application to our operating system from the selected VPN provider (Windows, Android, iOS or MacOS), then install, run and log on to your account.
  • Selecting a free server in an application and connecting to it. Just select your country from the list of available locations and connect to the server.
  • Excellently! We are connected to VPN and have free IP . From now on our connection goes through a server located in your country and even though we are abroad (and we are physically located in eg Australia) - for all services on the network we are visible as a user connecting to your country.
  • We launch our favorite VOD service such as ipla, TVN Player and TVP Player and watch free series, movies or broadcasts online, which were previously blocked.

Configuring and starting a VPN is a simple operation that does not require advanced technical knowledge. Everyone should be able to handle it with ease. The whole process from buying to launching a service should not take us more than 5 minutes . Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this with NordVPN.

We watch free series abroad with NordVPN - guide

Below you will find the simple steps on how to start NordVPN and get your free IP address. We will show this on the example of an application on Windows, but on Mac it goes like this.

  1. First, we need to go to the NordVPN page and click on the "Get VPN Now" button and then we will move to the page where we can select the plan we want to buy.

    NordVPN subscription

    Select a subscription type

  2. After selecting the plan we are interested in (the most profitable yearly or two years, savings up to 70%) the registration form will appear. We provide our email address and password and choose the type of payment. We can pay by card, PayPala, Bitcoin or bank transfer (please select "Other" and you will be able to pay with Dotpay or Przelewy24, but this option is available only from free territory).

    Registration form at NordVPN

    Registration form

    Registration form at NordVPN

    Payment details

  3. After completing the form, we will receive a confirmation email and we will be able to log into our NordVPN account. Now just click "My account" on the page, log in and download the appropriate application from the panel.

    NordVPN panel

    Downloadable applications in the panel

  4. We install the application on our computer. Runs straight and fast.

    Installation of NordVPN

    Installation of NordVPN

  5. After installing and launching the application, we will welcome you to the login form in which we provide your account information.

    NordVPN application

    Login to the NordVPN application

  6. After logging in, you will be greeted by the main application screen. We can select the location of the server using the map or go to the "Servers" tab and select from the list of countries in your country. Then click on Connect Now and we can enjoy free IP.

    Select a location from the map

    Select a location from the map

    Selecting a free server from the list

    Selecting a free server from the list

  7. Tip: If you live permanently abroad such as in the UK, we can connect to UK servers every day to have trouble-free access to all services in the UK, and select free server only if you want to use the local VOD services.

I can not do it. Free trial the NordVPN website to start using today.

What can we look at in the offer of free VOD services?

free VOD websites allow you to watch legal films, serials and entertainment programs online. On the market there are more and more, but the biggest and most popular platforms are, TVP VOD and ipla. The program's offerings vary considerably from one another. We will find both their own productions of individual stations as well as movies and series with foreign >

The group is undoubtedly the most popular VOD platform in your country. Not without reason. We will find programs and series of TVN productions that are very popular. By the service we will see such series as. Second chance , On common , Diagnosis , Detectives , Hospital , Doctors , Hidden truth , Agata Law , Now or Never , Face to face or Singel . At we also have access to entertainment programs such as Kitchen Revolutions , Asia Express , Mam talent , MasterChef , Top Model or Kuba Wojewódzki .


Telewizja Polska SA has its own VOD service , which offers online access to programs and series of its production. Massively popular comedy and comedy series gather in front of the television crowd of spectators of all ages. Colors of happiness , Not to worry , Clan , Ranch , Young doctors and programs like Voice of your country , Farmer looking for wife or First date have their own loyal fans. In addition to the TV, you can watch them on the VOD TVP on the Intranet.


ipla is a service of VOD, which is associated with Cyfrowy Polsat, which has been operating since 2008. It has a wide range of shows, shows and movies that we can watch over the Internet and broadcast live sports (matches, boxing, KSW, MMA). In the offer of the site we will find popular series and programs such as Friends , First Love , Heartbeat , Heirs , Betrayal , Difficult matters , Your face sounds familiar , Why me , World according to Kiepskie .

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