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Reviews and Opinions about NordVPN
Average rating
9,31 / 10
NordVPN is a VPN, which our algorithm has awarded the most points. This is a universal service that combines high levels of privacy protection, high security of the connection, a rich package of opportunities and an attractive price. NordVPN is one of the most interesting items that can satisfy the expectations of most users.


Reviews and Opinions about ibVPN
Average rating
9,18 / 10
One day of free trial, a wide selection of plans (which start at $ 3.08 per month), distinguish ibVPN against the competition. This VPN provider from Romania offers solutions that will help people seeking VPNs to protect their privacy, P2P or streaming.


Reviews and Opinions about VPNArea
Average rating
8,68 / 10
Good price / performance ratio and privacy solutions rank VPNArea high in our ranking. This Bulgarian provider offers a service that will satisfy the needs of a large number of Internet users.


Reviews and Opinions about SlickVPN
Average rating
8,34 / 10
SlickVPN is a VPN provider that puts the highest level of privacy to its users. The company is based on the complex structure of offshore companies. The service offered by SlickVPN can be purchased anonymously by Bitcoin.


Reviews and Opinions about CyberGhost
Average rating
8,24 / 10
CyberGhost is one of the most popular VPN providers because of their free plan. In addition, we offer standard VPN service, at a good price.


Review and opinions about ExpressVPN
Average rating
8,14 / 10
ExpressVPN is considered one of the most popular VPN service providers. In addition to good quality of service, it is one of those VPNs that provide quite a large number of locations for their servers, because it is 88 countries. ExpressVPN is a universal service that will satisfy both those who want to protect their privacy on the network and those who need VPN primarily to bypass geolocation restrictions.


Review and Reviews for PureVPN
Average rating
8.02 / 10
PureVPN offers a very large number of servers located in more than 140 countries. It has a very attractive price offer, which can encourage people who have scared away the price of services from other vendors.


Review and opinions about Proxy.sh
Average rating
7,69 / 10
Proxy.sh offers a lot of over 55 server locations that we can use. In addition, it is one of the few VPN vendors offering multi-hop VPN and SoftEther.

IPVanish VPN

Review and opinions about IPVanish VPN
Average rating
7,66 / 10
IPVanish is the market leader in high-speed, fast-paced and attractive VPN offerings. Located in the USA is able to provide high quality service at an attractive price.

Trust Zone

Reviews and Opinions about Trust Zone
Average rating
7,48 / 10
Trust Zone offers one of the lowest service rates for all VPN providers described in our comparison. By paying for a full year in advance we will receive a service for just $ 3.33 per month.


Reviews and Opinions about TorGuard
Average rating
7,3 / 10
TorGuard is considered one of the better choices for people who want to use VPNs for P2P services. TorGuard stands out from other VPNs in that it puts a lot of emphasis on protecting the privacy of its users. In addition, it provides many tools to help protect it.


Reviews and Opinions about Buffered
Average rating
7,3 / 10
Buffered is a VPN provider based in Hungary. It is one of the few entities that offer their users a 30 day money back guarantee if we are not satisfied with the service.


Review and opinions about Windscribe
Average rating
7,16 / 10
Windscribe now offers the best free plan on the market for the amount of transfer that we can use. Nearly 10GB of transfer will be enough for people who plan to use VPN services only occasionally and do not need to buy paid solutions.


Reviews and Opinions about BolehVPN
Average rating
7.12 / 10
This VPN provider is committed to protecting privacy as the most important feature of its service. The free trial, subscription to only 7 and a number of privacy enhancements make BolehVPN a good candidate for potential users.


Reviews and Opinions about tigerVPN
Average rating
7,08 / 10
tigerVPN is one of the few VPN providers that offer a free plan that allows users to get acquainted with the service before making a final decision. In addition to this we also have the option to purchase a paid subscription.


Reviews and Opinions about IronSocket
Average rating
6.98 / 10
IronSocket is a service offered by a company based in Hong Kong. It is a service with great care for user privacy and many additional features. Unfortunately, only 36 countries in which servers are located and no free location is a definite downside to this service.


Reviews and Opinions about ProtonVPN
Average rating
6.89 / 10
ProtonVPN is a VPN service from the creators of secure mail ProtonMail. The company is located in Switzerland, a country famous for its high importance for privacy. This is a new service on the market, the next few months will show whether its quality will be as good as it is with ProtonMail.


Reviews and Opinions about VyprVPN
Average rating
6,88 / 10
VyprVPN, a Swiss-owned Golden Frog, boasts one of the fastest networks and the best of all the VPN vendors on the market.

Private Internet Access

Review and Reviews of Private Internet Access
Average rating
6,85 / 10
Private Internet Access belongs to the group of VPN providers, who care about privacy and improve the security of their users. The service and features available within the PIA are prepared with an emphasis on anonymity in the network. If you mainly expect from VPN - you will not be disappointed by choosing Private Internet Access.


Review and Reviews of hide.me
Average rating
6.78 / 10
hide.me is one of those VPN providers that really cares about the security and privacy of their users. hide.me does not log the traffic nor the activity of its users, as confirmed by an independent audit. Despite the high prices and the small number of available countries in which servers are located, hide.me is one of the most interesting providers on the market.


Reviews and Opinions about AirVPN
Average rating
6,69 / 10
If you really need a VPN to protect your privacy, then we think AirVPN is one of the best if not the best VPN vendor on the market. As it was, it was created by "activists and activists" and puts great emphasis on network security. AirVPN offers a large selection of anonymous payment methods, only OpenVPN, affordable (4.5 euros per month), and a wide range of methods we can use.

Hide My Ass!

Reviews and Opinions about Hide My Ass!
Average rating
6,65 / 10
Despite the rich offer of available server locations, HideMyAss! It is not a good choice for people who are looking for a VPN - mainly for privacy. The attitude of this supplier to this issue raises big doubts. In addition to UK headquarters, a country with little privacy protection, HMA! It is known that it contributed to the tracking of members of the LulzSec hacking group.


Reviews for Ivacy
Average rating
6.63 / 10
Ivacy is one of the few VPN providers providing access to a new connection protocol - SoftEther. In addition, it has servers in over 50 countries and one of the cheapest deals when choosing a subscription for two years.

Perfect Privacy

Reviews and Opinions about Perfect Privacy
Average rating
6,58 / 10
Perfect Privacy is one of the most expensive VPNs available in our list. It offers a number of features that allow for great privacy protection like multihop, where we can connect to the Internet through 4 different VPN servers at one time.


Reviews and Opinions about HideIPVPN
Average rating
6,45 / 10
HideIPVPN offers very little, because only 7 available locations. Plus, there is a wide choice of VPN protocols (including OpenVPN and SoftEther) that we can use and special plans for specific applications.


Reviews and Opinions about SaferVPN
Average rating
6,13 / 10
One of the undoubted advantages of SaferVPN is the ability to try out the service through a free trial period, where we can test this VPN for 24 hours. By deciding on this VPN for a 2 year plan we can buy the service for a really good price.


Review and Reviews of StrongVPN
Average rating
5,85 / 10
StrongVPN is a VPN provider based in the United States. It has distributed servers in 24 countries around the world, a policy of total absence of logs and a wide variety of protocols through which we can connect to servers.


Reviews for TunnelBear
Average rating
5,43 / 10
In addition to the attractive price of paid plans, TunnelBear also offers a free plan that allows us to test the service (with some restrictions) before making a purchase decision. Logging traffic and user activity on the network is also in favor of this provider.


Reviews and Opinions about ZenMate
Average rating
5,24 / 10
ZenMate to VPN is offered by a German company. Known extensively with the free plug-in for the browser, ZenMate also offers a paid VPN, with which we can secure all traffic coming out of our device.